Identification is important as often there is a hose bead model of a charge air cooler that is similar to a flange model. * Remember the difference is how they are clamped.

Hose Bead Connection

Picture Examples Below Show Typical Hose Bead Connections:

  • Most common connection type for charge air coolers
  • Silicone rubber hose slides over connection, then clamped
  • Typically has smooth round bead in from the connection end


Flanged Connection

Picture Examples Below Show Typical Flanged Connections:

  • Less common than the hose bead type
  • Flanged connections are used with a mating flange air intake hose or tube
  • Flange to Flange connections connect with a v-type clamp that pulls the two metal flanges together
  • Flanged connection types are not interchangeable with hose bead models