It’s no secret, when working your performance diesel pickup, it can be a challenge to keep cool. Northern Radiator has introduced a line of performance diesel SPAL fans & shroud kits that will keep even the most tuned engine cooled while hauling a trailer of toys up the steep terrain of the high Sierra on a 100-degree day.

So, how’d we do this?

Performance Diesel Electric Fans

Switching from an engine driven to electric fan gains horsepower & fuel economy, and combats the native air resistance of the radiator, intercooler, condenser, oil cooler, etc. These are the ideal fan assemblies for towing, a boosted engine, terrain obstacles, or just higher ambient temperatures outside.

Brushed vs. Brushless Fans

If you have the same power going to both motors, the brushless will utilize the energy more efficiently than the brushed.

Here's why:

In a brushed fan, the brushes send the electricity to the coils with a flip of a switch. The fan is either on or off. The center coils energize and repels against the magnets to keep the shaft spinning. The brushes that relay the charge are in constant contact with the shaft. Over time, the contact wears down the brushes and the shaft ceases to spin. Therefore, you’ll need to replace the whole fan.

So, what are the benefits of brushed fans?

  • Easy to wire
  • Can run with a simple switch
  • Lower cost than brushless

With a brushless fan motor, there are no brushes to wear down. A computer energizes each coil to spin the magnets attached to the shaft based on the temperature of the coolant. This ensures just the right amount of AMPs supplied to the fan at just the right time. It will ramp up from zero AMPs to run wide open when the work of the engine demands it. 

So, what are the benefits of brushless fans?

  • Long lifespan
  • High efficiency
  • Needs less room than brushed
  • No AMP spike
  • More powerful motor

High CFM Performance Diesel Fan Options 

All the fans we have for performance diesel applications are high CFM fans. However, we do offer 2 types of high CFM fans:



The bottom line is that both options, brushed or brushless, will get the job done. They are both high-end, high-quality SPAL fans. It comes down to what your customer demands of their vehicle.