It’s no secret, when pushing your diesel pickup to the max, it can be a challenge to keep it cool. Northern Radiator has introduced a line of performance diesel SPAL fans & shroud kits that will keep even the most tuned engine cooled while hauling a trailer of toys up the steep terrain of the high Sierra on a 100-degree day.

So, how’d we do this?

Performance Diesel Electric Fans

Switching  from an engine driven to electric fan gains horsepower & fuel economy, and combats the native air resistance of the radiator, intercooler, condenser, oil cooler, etc. These are the ideal fan assemblies for towing, a boosted engine, terrain obstacles, or just higher ambient temperatures outside.

Here's why our fans assemblies stand out from the rest:

Not all high CFM fans are designed to draw air through high resistance situations. Northern Radiator's line of high performance Spal fans are designed with blades and motors made to draw the maximum amount of air through high-resistance applications. It's a common belief that the higher the CFM rating the better the fan is. However, these measurements are taken with zero static pressure, which means there is NO resistance. Once you start stacking cooling components, resistance plays a large role in the ability of your fan to cool. It is with this knowledge that Northern Radiator produced a line of quality fans and shrouds that utilize the quality of Spal motors and fan blade design to draw through the high resistance of a performance cooling system.

All the fans we have for performance diesel applications are high CFM fans. However, we do offer 2 types of high CFM fans:

Brushed vs. Brushless Fans

Benefits of brushed fans

  • Easy to wire
  • Can run with a simple switch
  • Lower cost than brushless

Benefits of brushless fans:

  • Long lifespan
  • High efficiency
  • Needs less room than brushed
  • No AMP spike
  • More powerful motor

A brushed fan motor is either on or off. That means at startup you can see a potentially damaging AMP spike of over 65 AMPs per fan. Over time, the brushes wear down and the shaft ceases to spin. Therefore, you’ll need to replace the fan. 

With a brushless fan motor you have the peace of mind knowing you have more than enough power to cool your engine when needed, but you'll only use the energy required at that time. The brushless fan motor only draws the electricity that is needed and will ramp up from zero AMPs to needed draw, thus eliminating damaging AMP spikes at startup. Additionally, there are no brushes to wear down. This extends the life of your fan.

The bottom line is that both options, brushed or brushless, will get the job done. They are both high-end, high-quality SPAL fans. It comes down to what your customer demands of their vehicle.

High CFM Performance Diesel Fan Options: